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  1. I don't think most people make use of all their USB ports on their raspberry pi. I know I don't and none of my co-workers do. I think a nice product would be a push button switch that turns off (and perhaps on?) the pi. All you would need to do is make a USB dongle that has a button of some sort that indicates the button has been pressed, then do an orderly shutdown. You'd have to make a script of course but that ought to be simple enough. There's an infinite number of ways to implement this, USB->Serial for example. Uncertain about the demand for such a thing or of the cost of manufacturing it though. I'm an engineer, not a market researcher. I'd also pay another $5 for a FLIRC case that just had a power button. I really love the case. I will literally stick with FLIRC forever because it's such a nice case. Give us a power on/off button please! You have all those GPIO pins, I don't use them, I use this system as a low level development system. The only thing it needs really is an ability to shut it down and to power it on, nicely. There are a few cases that can do this, but they are crap. $20 for that case, I'm in. I'm in anyhow, so maybe you don't care :)
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