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  1. Hi, I bought a Flirc Kodi Edition for my raspberry pi4 on 14th July 2019 which was shipped on 14th Agust 2019 via USPS. The USPS label helped me track it till US Customs post which there were no updates. I waited on it for a month but said case was never delivered. on September 17th I drafted a mail to support@flirc.zendesk.com and was assigned a ticket #145584, stating it was all managed by a single person and that it might take time. I waited for a bit and asked for an updated via mail on Nov 3rd, but never received any communication nor the mail. I went on to tweet about it on Nov 27th https://twitter.com/abhi27290/status/1199408669273706497 and yet didn't hear a squeak. I admire the product and the people behind it but sadly haven't been able to get one for myself. Is there any way to get a refund or get in touch to resolve this?
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