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  1. I had not at the time of my posts. I took your question to be a suggestion of something else to try and I have now replaced the default hidusb driver with a libusbk driver (had to search the forums a bit to see what use of the zadig driver utility implied, so hopefully my conclusion to use libusbk is correct). However, after the libusbk install through zadig, my FLIRC dongle was no longer detected by the FLIRC software. I am planning on reverting to hidusb as of the moment. update: After a few more days of wasting time trying to troubleshoot this, I'm giving up and just returning it. Disa
  2. Yes, it does say successfully recorded. I actually never had any issues with the FLIRC software detecting key presses when it showed FLIRC in the connected state. I tried text editors, multiple media applications, web browsers, etc. with the button and nothing was ever sent to any window. Also yes as to it providing the "already recorded" error upon attempts to assign a second time. I've also tried the up, down, left, right, enter, and backspace keys on a separate trial attempt. Same results -- nothing works.
  3. Just got my FLIRC today. Was very excited to try it. Now, three hours later, pretty upset with it. After ignoring a virus warning (via Windows 10 Defender) in both Firefox and Edge, I installed the FLIRC gui. I launched the gui, the device was found as connected. The gui asked me to upgrade the firmware from my shipped firmware to 4.9.3. I did so. I programmed several buttons (via the Harmony Hub remote app on iOS) to test functionality. Simple stuff, just red button types 'a' on the keyboard. Nothing works. The debug log shows that IR commands are being received
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