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  1. Stop and Record are down at the bottom by the Zero of the number pad
  2. I mean, you can also just use the stop button as the stop button.
  3. The Skip cannot create new buttons for devices, only use existing ones. So if the Samsung TV has a dedicated button for an app, then probably. If not, then yeah, you'd need to create a button sequence that gets to that specific app.
  4. There are color buttons. There's a "color" button below the navigation area that replaces the nav buttons with color buttons. Also, it's a universal remote. Any button can be the stop button if you want it.
  5. As you say, the app certainly isn't cloud reliant, save for updates and such. Current plan is to allow for simple exporting of configs that can the be re-uploaded or even imported into a Skip app somewhere else. So for example you could set up grandma's remote at your computer, then send it over to her via email. Request for an IR repeater has been heard. Definitely planned for the road map eventually.
  6. Sorry, no mic on the Skip 1s.
  7. Nathan

    Skip 1s Compatibility

    There's no public list, I'm afraid, but if your receiver and TV are from any sort of established brand, they're likely supported.
  8. When programming the Flirc, you do still need to program the keys. Simple method is to start with the Harmony. Selecting XBMC is as good as anything. Then go to the Flirc software, flip to the PS4 Controller, and assign the appropriate buttons to the buttons in the Flirc app. edit: Actually, since there is no official Flirc PS4 profile, you could pick the PS4 as the profile in Logitech, if there is one. If not, XBMC still works.
  9. Could you give a bit more detail about what you're trying to do? I don't own a broadlink, but my understanding is that it's essentially a repeater for another remote. So you take some random remote, set the Flirc up to work with that remote, and then teach the the Broadlink the keys that you taught the Flirc. Are you familiar with setting up the Flirc?
  10. Just to cover the bases, have you plugged your flirc in to a PC or Mac and used the full keyboard layout to program in the F-keys? Once programmed, the Flirc v2 should just appear as a keyboard with f-keys to the receiver.
  11. The plan is to ship a special box set with USB and Skip together. We don't have an official release time beyond the stated Fall 2022 yet. With that said, I see your order in the list, and can go ahead and get the USB shipped out now.
  12. Welcome. Let me see what I can answer: 1. There is not a button for everything. However, presumably what you'll do in your audio delay slider example is re-assign some keyboard button or combo to that feature. Which brings us to 2. Yes, we very much plan on integrating the Flirc USB and Skip app as much as possible. For non-custom situations, you should simply be able to pick the Flirc USB - Kodi profile when setting up your Skip, and the USB likely won't need any programming at all, save maybe a quick update. For custom situations, you'd likely assign your custom keys as described in the drag n drop portion of the video above. Presumably, every Flirc profile on the Skip App will include all 104/5 keys in the button list. We just won't use most of them in the default setup. This will probably require some work in the Flirc USB app as well, since I don't anticipate Skip having every possible keyboard combination as a listed option. Whether the Flirc App will be able to send newly created combos TO the Skip App is unknown to me. I don't think we were planning on that tight an integration, but it's a good idea, so never say never. 3. Not sure how much we're allowed to say about the database. 50k devices are supported, and that includes US and EU models.
  13. Everyone has their own personal experience with IR. I'll go ahead and leave this thread open regardless though, in case others are also interested in switching the way the power button works.
  14. Seems like the problem with this method is that you couldn't stop the Fire TV from listening, so every command you sent to the HTPC would also go to the Fire TV. Easier solution is to use a universal remote, like the Skip 1s by Flirc, then use that to control everything. Then the Fire TV and HTPC could each have unique commands.
  15. You can flip from the Kodi profile to the Keyboard profile and train a remote button to enter the S command. edit: Oh, or are you saying you use that now, but it'd be nice if the Kodi profile did that without needing to switch? If so, fair point.
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