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  1. Can anyone confirm if LG Magic Remote is capable of sending a long-press from a programmable button? I have my remote set to emulate a DVD player. I have programmed various buttons with different keycode mappings for short and long press of the same button but a long press is being interpreted just as if it was a short press. I know the remote can differentiate between a long and short press of the non-programmable buttons (eg the Settings button). But these buttons are not using IR frequency whereas the programmable buttons are using IR frequency. The model is AN-MR19BA which is
  2. I have tried using Notepad as a test. Pressing the numeric buttons I programmed as Tab enters a tab into the document. Long pressing the Enter button just creates a new line in the document just as short pressing the Enter does. So the problem is that the long press is not being recognised as being different to the short press. Below are my settings. Can anyone help me work out why the long press of the Enter button is not sending the Tab? I think index 6 is the recorded long press of the Enter button I have a feeling the problem may be the remote. The TV recognises long press of t
  3. It seems that there are limited functions that the long press can be applied to and the C key is not one of them. So I have changed my Kodi keymap so that the context menu isnow accessed by pressing the Tab key instead of the C key. I used the long press on the Enter key of my remote to map to the Tab key. It accepted it ok. I also mapped some of the numeric buttons on my remote to the Tab key. If I long press the Enter key on the remote Kodi will still not open the context menu. If I press one of the numeric keys on my remote that I mapped to Tab, the context menu does open ok. This lo
  4. I am trying to configure FLIRC USB v2 with Kodi. It is all working fine apart from being able to use long-press of the Enter key to access the Context menu. I am using an LG Magic Remote programmed to emulate a Samsung Blu-Ray remote. If I use the original Samsung remote and long-press the Enter key, the context menu in Kodi appears ok. If I use the LG Magic Remote and long-press the Enter key it just acts like a short press of the Enter key. I think I need to assign the 'C' key to the long press of the Enter key but whenever I try and assign a command to the long-press of
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