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  1. alot of help in here then, guess ill be sending it back to get my cash back.
  2. Hi all, The only thing i can think of is trying to make the coloured buttons in flirc logitech harmonry hub is to assign some F12 key to the colour and then remap it using the keybaord.xml file in kodi. The problem is how do you map the red button in harmony or even create a F12 key how would you program it as a F12 key when you can not send comands to logitech harmoney app to save it ? This all seems hard to do just to get the pc to suspend and would of thought it was a basic function. need some help on this thanks
  3. Hi all A new user and a new owner of Flirc V2, I am having problems trying to figrure Out how to shut my pc down using the logitech harmony hub with the IOS App. I can wake my pc no problem as any command key wakes the system but for the life of me i can not figure out how to shut down xbmc/kodi at all. All i want is to shutdown xbmc/kodi with a single command and also to create a activity in ios. I dont have a remote i just use ipad ios logitech harmony hub app and there does not seem to have any commands to shut a pc down xbmc/kodi power. I have even tried mapping the red button to a keymap in xbmc/kodi and still will not work.. I loaded the software in a different computer to try and see if i could change a keypress but everytime i press a key it wants to learn a command which i can not do as i dont have a remote that sends a shutdown code to kodi. am i missing somthing here ? as when i added the flirc and used kodi there seems to be very littile buttons to do anything with not even keyboard shortcuts. any help would be great thanks
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