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  1. Sure, this is the configuration file. Thanks. flirc_conf.fcfg
  2. Hi, I've configured a One For All remote with Flirc to replace an Nvidia Shield 2019 remote. My problem is that I configured a button in the remote using the long press option and now, if I leave the button pressed too long, it sends the command twice. So in the end, I need to release the button the moment I see the Shield react to the command to avoid this issue. I've also tested with Kodi and it does the same thing. Is this a known bug? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I would like to verify, is it normal to have a small delay between key press and action triggered? It's a 500ms/1s delay for every press. I'm testing on a Nvidia Shield 2019 with a One For All Smart control universal remote configured with code 2051 (samsung). To give some more information, the USB slot in the Shield is place behind it so the Flirc is kind of hidden by the Shield. Also the Shield is placed underneath a Sony TV, just in case having the IR receiver of the TV just on top of it could cause any issue. Thanks.
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