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  1. Hey all, I'm new to Flirc so there is a high probability I am doing something wrong. However, I can't seem to figure out what that is. My ultimate goal is to get my URC MX-990 to control my Nvidia Shield 2017. My first attempt generally worked (except for the Back function) for about 24 hours, but suddenly it completely stopped responding. So, I decided to just do some basic keyboard testing to see if I could make things work in Windows Notepad to make sure I was doing things correctly. Unfortunately, I'm having no success. Here is what I did after clearing the Flirc and starting from scratch: 1) I run the Flirc GUI and select Full Keyboard. 2) I select a key (the "A" for example), and press a button on my IR remote. 3) Flirc says it is recorded successfully. 4) I open Notepad and press the key on my remote corresponding to "A".... and *usually* nothing. Sometimes, if I push and hold or press multiple times, a random "a" will appear. But none of the other keys work at all. I tried this with a standard DirecTV remote just to make sure it wasn't something with the MX-990, but the result is the same. Any ideas how to troubleshoot? EDIT: I should mention I'm using Flirc 2.0 with firmware v4.9.3 and GUI v3.25.3
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