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  1. After getting past the virus warning from downloading the Windows GUI .exe, I tried everything I could find to get the flirc USB/software to work including using the "Zadig" utility to update driver, updating to the latest GUI version and reupdating with Mr Zadig. It simple hangs when clicking on anything. I've got Windows 10 Pro that is pretty stable... ok very freaking stable... never had a problem like this. Judging from the other posts, I'm guessing there will be no response to my problem and I'll have to use more of my precious quarantine time (enough with that) to send it back to Amazoney.

    Why are your RPi cases so awesome but the USB remote is not? Maybe there are extenuating circumstances. If so, please announce something otherwise it all seems more futile than the complete futility we're already forced to live with.

    flirc tv virus warning.jpg

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