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  1. Hello, I have a Flirc stearcom edition and after i installed software from your support page on a debian 10 box curl apt.flirc.tv/install.sh | sudo bash and is not working, i have run the gui app, updated the firmware (as was requested to) bind the power key and nothing. After playing with flirc_utils i get the following output: flirc_util settings =================== 3.25.3 FW Version: v3.11.0 SKU: flirc-se Hash: 0xA41ECA3A Settings: sleep detection: Enabled noise canceler: Disabled inter-key delay: 3 [E] lib/libflirc/bootloader/bl_2.0.c fl_ver2_product_type(526): unknown or unsupported variant: 176 variant: Unknown builtin profiles: Disable Memory Info: keys recorded: 1 keys remaining: 168 memory used: 1% product sku: flirc-se Recorded Keys: Index hash key ----- --------- --- 0 CF7D9B9B power flirc_util unit_test =================== Self test not supported Flirc Not Okay flirc_util device_log =================== [E] lib/libflirc/flirc_driver.c fl_log(1245): invalid operation for this device or version Can you please let me know how to fix this? I have already reinstalled and reconfigured the app twice, is there a problem with the new firmware?
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