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  1. I am also interested in finding a solution to this. When I use Netflix on my TV (a built-in app) I am simultaneously blindly navigating around my Kodi, starting videos and changing settings blindly. Any way to control when Flirc accepts signals?
  2. I received my Flirc this morning. Syncing to my remote control was a breeze. But I'm trying to optimize things. Right now Flirc is plugged into my Raspberry Pi 3 running Kodi. Generally I leave my Raspberry Pi on all the time. Which means, if I'm using my TV on another application like Netflix (which runs from an app on the TV) I have to press the arrow keys and enter keys to navigate. Since Flirc is still plugged in and the Pi is on, this means that while I'm browsing Netflix I am also blindly navigating around Kodi files and settings. Obviously there's a potential for something to go ho
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