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  1. yes i tried that, but it still doesn't work. It just registers the key press as if pressing the home button on the actual firetv remote repeatedly a bunch of times. Holding it (long press) doesn't bring up the below screen:
  2. Here are the results of a different remote: Wed Apr 29 2020 19:21:03 Flirc GUI Version v3.25.3 Operating System: Windows :e:5125 0,9035,4425,617,478,617,478,617,1585,613,478,617,478,616,478,613,483,612,478,613,1585,617,1585,617,478,613,1584,617,1580,617,1585,617,1581,617,1585,617,1581,618,1585,612,483,613,478,617,478,612,483,612,1585,613,482,613,482,613,478,620,1577,618,1585,612,1585,617,1585,613,482,613,1585,612 :e:40 0,9033,2164,617 :e:96 0,9038,2164,617 :e:96 0,9033,2164,620 :e:96 0,9038,2160,617 :e:96 0,9039,2164,61
  3. Just in case, here's also another try: Wed Apr 29 2020 16:05:14 Flirc GUI Version v3.25.3 Operating System: Windows :e:18055 0,2399,525,604,551,629,525,1200,551,1231,525,611,543,1200,555,630,525,604,551,1201,551,604,551,1204,551,1201,551,603,551,1205,551,629,526,603,551,604,551,1204,551,1226,525,1201 :e:13 0,2398,552,616,539,604,555,1201,551,1200,551,604,556,1195,556,577,578,577,577,1174,582,604,551,1200,551,1200,552,603,556,1200,552,577,577,604,551,604,555,1175,577,1200,551,1200 :e:13 0,2398,551,578,581,578,577,1201,551,1174,581,604,551,1200,551,60
  4. Here it is again. Wed Apr 29 2020 15:52:18 Flirc GUI Version v3.25.3 Operating System: Windows :e:18904 0,2316,581,603,551,603,551,1208,546,1200,551,617,537,1199,555,577,577,604,550,1200,550,578,581,1173,577,1199,551,577,581,1200,551,603,551,577,581,573,581,1200,551,1173,581,1169 :e:13 0,2396,504,655,499,629,551,1199,556,1143,607,180,179,206,550,1174,581,599,555,574,606,1148,577,603,577,1148,581,1173,577,629,525,1174,606,578,551,577,603,551,581,1169,581,1174,602,1148 :e:13 0,2396,525,604,551,633,521,1230,525,1230,499,681,494,1230,525,629,525
  5. Wed Apr 29 2020 15:42:27 Flirc GUI Version v3.25.3 Operating System: Windows :e:25262 0,2364,525,634,521,634,521,1231,525,1226,526,634,521,1230,526,629,526,629,526,1230,521,634,522,1230,526,1226,526,629,526,1230,521,634,526,629,526,629,526,1230,521,1231,521,1230 :e:13 0,2403,521,634,521,635,521,1235,516,1235,521,634,521,1230,521,638,517,638,521,1231,521,634,521,1235,525,1227,521,634,521,1230,521,639,516,639,521,634,521,1231,521,1230,521,1235 :e:13 0,2401,521,634,521,633,521,1235,516,1235,521,633,521,1230,521,638,529,626,520,1230,521,634,520,1235,516,1234
  6. I am using a tsr-310 remote from crestron. I have an IR emitter attached from my crestron control system to the flirc and my crestron system sends the signals when the remote buttons are pressed. Currenly, all buttons on my remote have been mapped correctly and are working accordingly with fire tv. The only thing missing is the ability to long press the home button and have that pull up the shortcut screen. Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I hope you are doing well during these crazy times.
  7. Hi Jason, Has any way been figured out where we could long press the home button for Amazon FireTV and we will be able to pull up the shortcut menu?
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