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  1. @jason Done! Thanks so much for all your hard work on this amazing device. Hope the new version solves my issues. :-)
  2. Hi. I have a Gen1 (transparent plastic) Flirc, firmware 3.11.0, GUI 3.25.3. I'm using a URC MX-780 remote control, configured for a Samsung TV device (using NECx2 protocol) as recommended in these forums. The Flirc is operating an nVidia Shield, and was programmed using the "NVIDIA Shield" template, followed by the "Kodi" template and the "Full Keyboard" template. I seem to be having both of the problems mentioned in this thread. For the first attempt, File>Advanced>Inter-Key Delay was set at 3; "Sleep Detection" and "Noise Canceler" unchecked, and "Builtin Profiles" and "Sequence Modifiers" checked. The problem was that, for example, double-pressing the Home key, which should bring up the App-Switcher, was actually bringing up the App-Selection window, as though the Home key had been long-pressed (or held). It was difficult to get the App-Switcher window to open; it took a conscious effort to tap-pause-tap. The same was true of other keys within Kodi. As another example, moving up or down in a list in Kodi seemed slow; if the button was held, the highligh would move up or down the list rather slowly. In general, it seemed very sluggish, like after pressing a button there would be a little delay before the response on-screen. With the Shield's own Bluetooth remote, I can operate buttons as quickly as physically possible, and everything operates correctly--and likewise also with a USB keyboard (Logitech K400) everything operates correctly. For the second attempt, File>Advanced>Inter-Key Delay was set at 0; "Sleep Detection" and "Builtin Profiles" checked, and "Noise Canceler" and "Sequence Modifiers" unchecked. This improved the ability to double-press and long-press. Also, holding down the up or down button in a list, caused the highlight to move up or down in the list much more quickly. However, now when pressing up or down repeatedly (rather than holding), the highlight moves up or down sporadically; it appears as though a couple taps may be missed, and then suddenly the highlight quickly jumps up or down several items at once. I'm not sure what to try next, but I believe that it would be very helpful if I had a clear understand of what exactly (technically, under-the-hood) the various options in the Advanced settings window do, particularly the Inter-Key Delay. But also the others. For example, the Builtin Profiles option tooltip says "Enable the builtin Harmony Flirc-Kodi profile", but what exactly does that do? I am using Kodi, but am not using a Harmony, so should I have this option checked or unchecked? And the Sequence Modifies option tooltip says "Enable this for windows media center", so presumably I should leave it unchecked, but what effect does it have? Finally, does File>Load Configuration actually load a configuration into the Flirc, or just load it into the GUI? Sorry for the long post. Any help appreciated.
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