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  1. I have a Flirc 2 on Windows 10 and am using the v.3.25.3 software. When I use the debug, I can see that button presses are registered, both long and short presses (I am only using short presses in normal operation, but wanted to test the long presses.) However, Plex doesn't seem to register the input everytime. It will register 3-5 presses and then stop responding. If I wait a few seconds, 5-6, Plex starts to responds again. The weird part is I have the same configuration on another machine with no issues. I swapped the Flirc and the problematic machine exhibits the same issue, while the working one, stays working???? I have cleared the config, re-updated the firmware and no change on the performance. I also have PowerDVD setup on both systems and it exhibits the same delays/missed presses on the failing system, while it works perfectly on the working one. It actually looks like the Flirc is reading all the remote presses, but is not always passing them as keyboard inputs to the OS/App? Is this possible? Any idea what could be the issue?
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