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  1. Ya know, I think I figured this out.

    the Flirc is not programmable by us. It already has all the keyboard mappings that it supports.

    All we do is tell Flirc which button on our remote will "press" which key on the keyboad that flirc knows about.

    I thought this whole time that I was programming the flirc like I do with a learning remote.

    In case others are confused like me, if you want flirc to press HOME, click on HOME in the Flirc SW and then when it's ready to learn press that key on the remote. This will basically translate your keypress on the remote to a "keyboard" keypress that flirc will send to the device.
    I can't say that this was explained very well in the documentation or the marketing rah rah on the web site.

    Thank you for indulging me.

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  2. On 2/14/2020 at 10:37 AM, jason said:

    I believe I use the media center 'play/pause' keys, which are global. You need to determine the common keys for pause. Here are the shortcuts according to Netflix:


    • Space - Toggle Play/Pause

    • Enter - Toggle Play/Pause

    • F - Full-screen
    • Esc - Exit full-screen

    • Left arrow - Rewind 10 seconds

    • Right arrow - Fast Forward 10 seconds

    • Up arrow - Volume Up

    • Down arrow - Volume Down

    • M - Mute toggle

    So is it enter or kodi that is doing the pause? You just need to record over the current play/pause keys to either space or enter. I'm assuming it's space. You can do that in the keyboard controller of the GUI.

    I'm kinda getting lost in this, I think I'm working into circles.

    Can you please help me get back to basics.

    Do I have the harmony remote setup correctly? >> Media Center PC, Flirc, Kodi  ?

    In the Flirc SW, I choose the kodi controller, does this save the kodi profile to the flirc? or am I missing another step?

    I would like to follow your advice and record the "space key" to the pause, but I have no idea how. I click on the pause key in the GUI and it wants to me to record. From where? where do I record  a space from?

    Also from your comment about the keyboard controller, do you mean there is a way to tell the kodi controller to use the space bar press in the keyboard controller for the pause key? Or do you mean I should program the harmony to use the keyboard controller?



  3. Hello,

    I'm not sure how this works so I'll just ask and hopefully someone can explain it to me.

    I have this android streamer:

    I bought an airmouse for it

    And I bought an IR remote

    Both the air mouse and the sanoxy, somehow map the play/pause, rewind,FF keys to both Kodi and youtube. 

    So if I'm in youtube OR kodi, I can play/pause/ff/rewind using the same keys.

    I got the Flirc a couple days ago and I'm still learning my way around it. I have a harmony 620 remote and I added the Flirc device as:
    Media Center PC, Flirc, Kodi

    They flirc key mappings work fine in Kodi, but not in youtube. I would like the flirc to work like those other remotes.

    Is there a way to do this?

    Also one more question. Does the action of deleting all keys as described in this article https://support.flirc.tv/hc/en-us/articles/203653385-How-to-delete-a-key-from-Flirc reset the flirc to "factory settings" or does it wipe it clean?


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