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  1. I have several RPi devices on several TV's around my home. Two of those RPi devices are connected to TV's with CEC enabled HDMI ports and I have the ports configured to stop play when the TV is powered off. Three of the TV's do not have CEC enabled HDMI ports and I use a USB flirc on those devices. The issue is that if someone is watching a show or movie, etc... and turns off the TV, then whatever they're watching just continues to play. I've told them several times that they need to press the stop button on the remote, stop the stream, then turn off the TV, but they can't seem to comprehend that and just hits the power button. Is there a way to program the Flirc to stop play when the TV is powered off? I've looked through the settings, but don't seen anything. It would be nice if there was away to do this. Thanks Daryl
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