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  1. Well that didn't work. Installed linux on a laptop and then installed flirc software. Still can't get past 3.11 on software. Does anyone have any suggestions to try on a gen 1 flirc? My problem is that I can not get the simplest of controls (minimalist) to work on the flirc. Some keys will function but others don't. Up arrow goes up, down arrow goes up, right arrow goes right, left arrow does nothing, return makes a noise. I have tried to manually install 3.12 using the method outlined in the forum and it does not seem to take. I have updated the drivers and it does not seem to make a difference. I am using 3.25.2 on the software. I've tried both windows and linux on this gen 1 flirc. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. I have attached a log file of the upgrade. Hope that will help. flirc_log.txt
  2. Also having the same problems with with Gen1 firmware upgrade and with trying to get my FLIRC to work right. Would it be better to find a computer and put linux on it to program the FLIRC. It sounds like Windows is a disaster.
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