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  1. Hi guys, I just re-installed my HTPC after some upgrades and also bought a used Logitech Harmony One to use with Flirc/Kodi. PC: Win 10 Pro 64bit with Kodi and latest version of Flirc (3.25.2) After installing Flirc and the drivers (took me a moment and I had to use Zadig) I was able to connect the remote and map the keys succesfully. Unfortunately the signals do not seem to reach the HTPC when pressing any button on the remote. When opening a text-editor, nothign appears. I´m using the remote successfully on Samsung TV and Soundbar so it´s working. Flirc says "connected" and "recorded successfully". I also updated the firmware since the USB dongle had been in the shelf for 3 years. Any ideas? THanks in advance and happy new year; Droggel
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