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  1. @Steve: now it works... not all keys, though.... Didn't realize that the PS button doesn't work and all these X, O, triangle buttons, etc.... But otherwise it works! Sorry for asking all these stupid things! Just a FLIRC beginner! Any idea for the the PS button , etc...? Michael
  2. @Steve: thanks a lot! What I have done so far: switched on B&O TV, PUC downloaded (PS4 IR Dongle), connected the IR eye of the B&O Avant to the FLIRC, plugged it into the computer, programmed the keys on the Beoremote one. All keys were successfully recorded. Plugged in the FLIRC with the IR eye into PS4. Just doesn't react at all on PS4. Looks like that PS4 is not recognising the FlIRC. When I open an editor on the computer, at least the "enter" button is working... so, some keys are programmed to the FLIRC. Any idea? Michael
  3. Even the topic is years ago : can you still provide me with the documentary ? I try to connect a Beoremote one with a PS4 ! thanks a lot ! Michael
  4. Hi. I am trying to control my PS4 with my Beoremote One for my Bang & Olufsen Avant TV. I have programmed the Flirc for PS4 on my Win 10 computer with help of th GUI app. The Flirc is connected to the computer. With all other IR remotes form other companies I get a reaction in an editor programm since the FLIRC works as an external keyboard but not with the Beoremote one from B&O. So, I don't get any reaction, when using the Beoremote One on the editor nor on the PS4. I used the FLIRC keyboard and the PS4 remote to program FLIRC USB. What am I missing? Best regards Michael Vieth
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