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  1. Hi @jason are there any news? With 4.9.3 Pause Button is not working - Rest is OK. (4.7.0 works fine) Are there any Firmware version between 4.7.0 and 4.9.3 (Dori) which i can test?
  2. No, cant agree with that. I set Play for Pause Key too but with no function. So, Pause Button has still a bug - would be nice it will be fixed :)
  3. I mean Play/Pause Button on a Harmony 650. Play works fine, Pause without function.
  4. Now it works. I have only problems with "break button". Didnt know this works in previous firmware updates !? (Pi 4 with LibreElec)
  5. I have the same issue :( Upgrade firmware on MacOS and on my Raspberry Pi4 with LibreElec and my nothings happens when im press Play/Pause/Stop etc.
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