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  1. Thanks Jason. Ok, I got that thanks. It's not that crude really :) It worked ok to make a macro and now (of course) there are more things to get confused over. First snag was that the keyboard didn't do what expected. I paired a Bluetooth keyboard to the TV and tested what each F key does and I expected just to choose the matching key on the Flirc setup to make it do what I wanted. But they were all doing different things when I did that, so I had to just go through each F key and see what it actually did when Flirc plugged into the TV. I found quite a few functions anyway so then I tried
  2. How do I make a macro? I can see in the online manual it says to type code into command line utility. Where do I find this utility? Also, in advanced settings there is a check box for 'macro'. What does that do? Thanks
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