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  1. Absolutely! This is exactly what I was hoping would happen but I didn't know if IR supported something like this so this is great! I'll have to pick myself a second FLIRC to control my PC in the near future! Thanks a lot for the quick and detailed replies.
  2. Ok so I imagine I would need to make sure that whatever key press I send to one is not used by the other? This could prove difficult since the Shield uses very basic keyboard keys for its functions that Windows will recognize and use for other stuff for sure. Unless there's a way to change the keyboard bindings used by the Shield? Hmmm... I'll have to look into that. Thanks!
  3. I recently bought a FLIRC USB dongle to be able to control my Nvidia Shield 2017 with my Harmony 665 remote and it is working great! I am wondering... What would happen if I were to buy a second dongle and use it on my computer in the same room as the Shield (they would be roughly 6ft apart). The idea is to be able to do a few keyboard shortcuts on my PC while sitting on the couch. I imagine that the "wrong" FLIRC would always also get the IR signal from the remote which would create constant double inputs? Thanks!
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