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  1. it work. that is the solution - and a key mapping in flirc of course https://www.addictivetips.com/mac-os/run-an-applescript-with-a-keyboard-shortcut-on-macos/
  2. wow! cool! looking forward to it
  3. I've got a similar problem with a Pioneer Remote AXD7745 (luckily for some buttons only) - after i recorded the first of the "bad" buttons, it wont let record the second one Just want to inquire if a solution or workaround came up in the last two years?
  4. Hi, I'm considering buying a flirc IR receiver for my MacMini2018. I want to run applescripts and possibly python scripts with a button press on my remote. My remote will be the one of my stereo (lots of unused buttons). Will that work? Thanks in advance
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