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    Hi, I need to have the power button on a universal remote to "wake up/power on" and to "sleep/power off" my PC. This is simplistic and intuitive to humanity, it should be a primary reason for flirc to exist. Now I don't have an harmony remote, just like a lot of others. Should it matter, no. I assigned and tried the power buttons from all controllers to 5 different remotes, most will power off/sleep but none will power on. It is not because of my Windows settings or BIOS settings, my keyboard and mouse wakes up the PC just fine...that's 17 years of IT support specialist speaking. The only way to power back on is to use the wake key from the full keyboard controller and assign it to a unrelated button on my remote. There has to be a way to use the power button to do exactly its meaning..."power toggle". I'm calling on Flirc's programmer here, you should be able to make this happen, no? ...Pretty please?
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