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  1. One additional remark. The remote for the projector works via Bluetooth
  2. Hi guys,I own the non 4K international version of the Xiaomi laser projector mjjgyy02fm since a couple of weeks. I'm also using a Fire TV Stick 4K instead of the pre installed android 8.1 software for any kind of streaming (Netflix...).As far as I know it is not possible to boot directly to the fire TV stick.As a workaround I would like to use my Logitech harmony hub with a script to switch directly to the fire TV stick after booting android but: 1) Issue switch on button. There is no profile in the harmony database for the international version mjjgyy02fm. As a workaround tried to use the Nvidia shield TV profile from the harmony database but the switch for turning the projector on is not available. As a workaround for the missing on button I made a script with switching on the fire TV stick first. Idea is to use the CEC signal which should switch the projector on. But it works more or less in 1 of 10 times. 2) Issue: Select different source The Nvidia shield profile which I'm using for the harmony, doesn't contain a "source selection" button. But this is mandatory to me because I don't wanna use the android surface (missing Netflix...). Instead of this I would like to use the Amazon fire TV stick which is assembled to input HDMI 2 of the projector. Today I got a hint that flirc might be a solution. But before buying this little peace of hardware I would like to get an info if this might work with the Xiaomi Laser projector. Idea would be: 1. Assemble flirc to projector 2. Connect and configure flirc with harmony 3. Switch on projector via harmony/flirc combo. 4. Select HDMI2 as source 5. Use fire TV stick with harmony Many thanks in advance and best regards from Germany
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