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  1. I have a harmony 665 (=650), flirc gen2 and FireTV 4K working - kind of. While short presses of the directional, select and back buttons work, long pressing of buttons does not work. This is a problem for me with running my SageTV app which requires long pressing of the select button to bring up a menu. Does anyone have long pressing of remote buttons working with this kind of setup??? I can seem to find any definitive info. on this, so I am guessing long pressing needs to be added, or, I have set something up wrong.
  2. Anyone care to comment about this? I bought a Logitech Harmony Hub + Companion remote which works fine with the Amazon FireTV 4K, but it would really be great to get the Flirc to be able to support long pressing so I can use a backlit, Harmony 665 remote with a user programmable backlit screen. Logitech really needs to make a lower priced remote like the 665 and add bluetooth/wifi support. The elite is too expensive and has a bad button layout. So the current, best option, imho, would be to get the Flirc + FireTV 4K working better.
  3. It's in the title - either I am missing something or long presses are not supported in the current FireTV built in profile with a Logitech remote. Since this is already supported for the Nvidia Shield, I don't see why it would be difficult to support this for the FireTV. I only have the new 4K FireTV, so not sure if other FireTV remotes support long pressing but the one that came with the FireTV 4K definitely does.
  4. I have experience configuring the Flirc for my Nvidia Shield using a Logitech harmony 650/665. The Nvidia Shield built-in profile with the Flirc/Logitech supports long presses and everything works great. I recently purchased an Amazon Firestick 4K and another Flirc (+Y cable). I programmed my remote to add the Flirc / FireTV under a new activity, but the Flirc with the FireTV does NOT seem to support long presses. Specifically, I am trying to long press the center (select) button while running the SageTV miniclient to pull up a menu. This works fine with the Nvidia Shield+Flirc, but not the FireTV 4K+Flirc. Can someone let me know if long presses are supposed to be supported with the FireTV?
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