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  1. So I gave up trying to reach Flirc support. I never heard back from anyone I tried email, left a voice mail on support line, forum posts, and direct forum message. I ended up just ordering the pi4 Flirc case again and this time the correct case arrived. I had to basically pay double to get the product I wanted, plus shipping.
  2. Still no update I'm trying to contact someone at Flirc directly.
  3. I pre-ordered the pi4 Flirc case directly from the flirc.tv website and recently got my package delivered. When I opened it I discovered that it was the old pi3 flirc case instead. The packing slip even said it was supposed to be the pi4 case but I was shipped the wrong product. I'm trying to get support with my order and I've emailed support@flirc.tv but I've gotten no replies for a few days now. I've also called the phone number listed on the site and left a message and gotten no reply. Can an admin please help with my order? I can provide my order number and details just please let me know how I should contact you. Hopefully it's ok to post this sort of question in this thread, thank you for your help.
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