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  1. When I try to force an update it says "Your firmware is version 3.9.0 The latest version is 3.9.00" Is there a meaningful difference?
  2. I'm using one of the older clear FLIRCs with a Nexus Asus Player, controlling with an MX-980 (RF through an MRF-350). Pretty much everything seems to be working just fine apart from one thing. I can't get hold-to-repeat to work for the direction or select button. Hold-to-repeat works on the remote with other devices (TiVo) not through FLIRC. The standard RF remote hold-to-repeat works just fine on the Nexus. Plugging a keyboard into the Nexus through USB, hold to repeat works just fine. The FLIRC is on firmware 3.9. The software on my Mac is fully updated. I've tried interkey delays of 0 and 5, as well as remote-controlled repeats of 1 and 3, all with no luck. Press-and-hold results in a single keypress action in the Nexus. If anyone has thoughts that might help, it would be much appreciated.
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