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  1. Nothing more satisfying than nailing a bug like that! Thanks to all involved.
  2. @dborn nice find. My machine with the fault is also an older box which uses BIOS rather than EFI.
  3. @jason Hi buddy, I'm still struggling with this, are the attached firmwares older ones which don't have the issue? Can we flash these without losing our configuration or will we need to reassign buttons etc? Many thanks
  4. I think I have the same problem on Win 10. At boot it says "A USB device has malfunctioned". It doesn't respond to keypresses and when I try to run the GUI shows 'disconnected' in the titlebar. Unplugging and replugging fixes the issue, then it will continue working through sleep and resume, but break again next reboot. Hardware is an old but stable AMD motherboard/CPU with USB 2.0. SKU Flirc 2.0 [dori] GIT HASH 0x93a109d3 Is there anything else that will help you debug? Anything from system event log for example? Thanks
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