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  1. Also getting the same on linux/macos
  2. I have a bose V30 and I'm trying to use the send_ir_raw function to send a request. I used the app and captured the following "Volume down presses": :e:2989 0,9075,4412,610,484,589,1613,614,484,610,1592,610,1570,636,1591,610,485,610,1591,614,1566,643,1584,614,459,636,1566,635,464,635,459,636,1591,610,459,636,485,614,1592,609,459,636,459,635,464,635,459,662,433,636,484,614,1566,635,459,636,1591,614,1566,635,1566,635,1570,636,1566,635,1566,614 :e:1111 0,9072,4386,635,459,636,1570,609,485,635,1566,636,1566,635,1570,636,459,635,1566,610,1596,635,1566,635,459,
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