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  1. Hi there, I am using the Flirc PS4 controller preset to try to control PS Vue on a PS4 with my Logitech Harmony 1100 remote. Programming of the Flirc seems to work only for certain keys on this preset -- the arrow keys seem to work (all except the up key) and the Enter key, but the Play, Pause, Stop, etc. keys all don't seem to bind properly. This is sort of hard to explain but this is what I'm doing and what I see: Start up Flirc software Select Controllers > PS4 Connect Flirc device Click the play button on the Flirc software window, or Click up button in Flirc window Flirc enters recording mode Tap my Play button on the controller, or press Up arrow on controller Flirc confirms key was received Press Play button on the controller again to test, or press Up arrow on controller to test Nothing happens in the case of the Play button, or in the case of the Up arrow Flirc registers a Channel Up key press instead Many keys end up trigger Channel Up instead of the assigned key, however when I erase a key that is doing this it stops registering as Channel Up (sort of as expected), and all other keys doing this continue to register Channel Up instead of the assigned key. Hopefully this is clear, it's been driving me a little bonkers.
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