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  1. Is there really nobody to help me out with this? Even to activate flirc-support with Libreelec 9 I do need the lircd.conf - where to get for my remote? How to create? Google shows me the old stuff, not related to the 'new better method' of Libreelec 9.
  2. Hi, I kindly ask for your advice. As the NUC does not have an IR-receiver I bought the Flirc v2 to get it done. Unfortunately Libreelec does not identify the usb dongle. ir-keytable always show 'no device'. Is there a howto to guide me through the setup or someone telling me what to do. I tried to follow this instructions 'https://wiki.libreelec.tv/infrared_remotes' but as there is no device, there is nothing to set up... Kind regards, Tom
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