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  1. Flirc V2 with an old RCA remote. I can click a key and map a button fine but it rarely registers. I get this in the log output. Fri Feb 8 2019 00:46:20 <3>ir_finished(63): too many edges :e:1291 0,4114,3862,475,1000,101,2349,497,1975,261,152,98,1919,334,1137,333,2139,526,931,153,136,217,1925,243,136,131,1920,299,136,67,952,67,136,170,1060,458,1976,497,1975,295,136,67,952,33,84,321,978,278,145,57,1125,307,1972,548,940,475,1980,453,1018,479,974,244,135,132,1924,67,135,278,1949,489,982,476,9571,346,325,50,553,67,135,265,291,320,222,197,186,162,290,110,4176,260,1369,67,136,106,1949,329,2139,548,1924,243 Any ideas? EDIT: Tried a newer remote but still RCA. Same issue.
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