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  1. Hello, I've a Fire TV Stick 4K with the latest version of FLIRC (the black one) and a Logitech Harmony Remote. I've added the FLIRC profile for Fire TV to my Harmony Remote and I've loaded the predefined FLIRC Fire TV profile in the FLIRC application. So far so good, all standard buttons work as expected. Now I would like to add a macro (containing several standard Fire TV button presses) to one of the unused keys of my Harmony Remote. Therefore I've added another "dummy" device to my Fire TV activity in the logitech software and I've assigned one of this device's buttons to an unused button of my Harmony Remote. Now I want to assign a sequence of standard Fire TV button presses (UP, DOWN, OK and so on) to the mentioned new button. But I don't know how I can define such a macro. I've already read the chapter in the FLIRC help - but to be honest, I do not understand how I should continue here. Can anyone help me?
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