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  1. Sent you pm days ago, you dont awnser, i want to help but its hard this way..
  2. im down for it, what i need to do? if its easier contact me via email putefabio@sapo.pt
  3. well i just downgrade flirc firmware to version 4.4.2 and it works after reboot, but i lost the option record toogle implement on version 4.6 and this is a no no for me, i need to have both worlds, flirc always conected, and option record toogle @jason how can we fix this problem? thanks.
  4. This support team just takes too long helping us..
  5. dont think this will help, cause i cannot get you any error specifics or data error but here is some printscreens when i turn on computer: https://imgur.com/bAU0ZsY https://imgur.com/Wn8nlia https://imgur.com/TSodr4B basic what is says is: usb device not recognize
  6. i think it can be done, i dont use flirc to start my pc but i use an app with wake on lan package and it works just fine. also i can turn on my pc with my alexa, so working around a solution for using flirc wont be hard. you can always use a smartplug that uses RF signal and turn on the PC
  7. Has said before In windows 7 it doesnt recognize flirc on gui or computer devices when reboot, we have to replug, downgrading firmware is a no no for me, i need the toogle flirc on/off setting. Its strange that you cant reproduce this problem yourself.
  8. hello all im having this problem too, whenever i restart my pc, flirc doesnt work, have to replug so it works, please help
  9. hello i finally understand how to do it, so i will post here so people that dont usually use the flirc_util.exe can do the same. To enable and disable flirc on your PC go to start, execute/run/search (depends on your windows version) and write CMD it will open command prompt window, then write cd your-flirc-directory - in my example i write cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Flirc and press ENTER then you write flirc_util.exe record toggle - at this moment flirc is waiting for you to press a button on your remote, choose the button you want to enable and disable flirc, and voilaaa, you can now enable and disable flirc by pressing your selected remote button
  10. im sorry i dont understand, i have update the flirc software, how can i enable and disable it?
  11. looking foward to see this one :D
  12. @jason please give us feedback im really looking foward for this feature i was trying to do this by other means i was trying to load and unload a configuration file when i started kodi so when i started kodi i loadead a configuration that had all the tv remote keys and when i turn off kodi i wanted to load a configuration with no keys so it wont mess with computer when kodi is off but i dont know where the configuration file is and dont know how to load a configuration file automaticaly.
  13. i think enable/disable button is easier, we press once if it moves its enable, we press again if it doesnt move its disable, if it didnt enable, we press it again till it goes to the state we want, nothing wrong with that i think. in the app we have a button that matches the state, so we can have a visual of the state. but how do you implement a function that we can assign that button to a remote button and enable and disable on the remote?
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