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  1. Hello. Today I wanted to set something in my FLIRC so I turned on the application on my computer. There was an update that I made. Flirc now works badly with Nvidia Shield TV and my Harmony 700. When I turn on the button setup wizard and set all buttons and then connect Flirc to my Nvidia Shield TV it only works with HOME and BACK. Up, down, right, left and OK no reaction. How can I return to the previous firmware? I did not know that the update would corrupt the Flirc. I also noticed that in this firmware on my Harmony remote the "INFO" button works as a down button and the "GUIDE" but
  2. Hello I bought Flirc recently. I have Samsung TV, AVR Denon and Nvidia shield 2018 Flirc Works well but can not cope with the exclusion of Nvidia Shield. It looks like: In my Harmony 700, I press the button: All off Samsung TV turns off AVR Denon switches off Nvidia shield turns off After about 15 seconds, Nvidia Shield turns on again. I do not know why this is happening? Any idea?
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