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  1. Follow up: I just got my Flirc USb device and an early Apple TV remote to use with it. The Apple remote is nice, at $12 dollars seems to be a good (very simple) remote to use with it. I have volume, skip, pause, fullscreen and mute set up. I wouldn't mind a FEW more buttons, perhaps to switch audio and subtitle tracks and a few other things. Does anyone have experience with the newest Fire TV 4K remote? Is it of decent quality to justify buying it? I am still looking for a simple to use, small remote with maybe 10-15 buttons max. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  2. I am able to set up simple single keypresses to my Flirc (using a 2nd gen Apple TV remote at the moment) but I would like to set up long presses of the remote to do different things but these require multiple keypresses. I have set up Harmony remotes for myself and friends, and have used software to program Logitech, Corsair, Razer and Belkin keyboards and mice, but I cannot get the Flirc (Windows GUI) to save long presses or multiple keypresses. Is there a tutorial on using the software to do these things? Perhaps a Youtube user who has made advanced tutorials? The FAQ on this site is useful for basic things but does not show how to do what I would like. Thanks in advance!
  3. I just got an Apple TV remote (silver with black dial and Menu & Play/Pause button) and set it up in Windows using Keyboard keys. For PotPlayer, I have the black ring D-pad as arrows (skip and volume), the center button as Pause (space), the play button as fullscreen (enter) and the menu button as Mute (M). I would think that it would be similar in Kodi. Can you program it in Windows or MacOS and save the configuration to the Flirc?
  4. I am planning on getting a Flirc USB unit for my Windows 7 media center PC. (soon to be Windows 10 when Win 7 support is end of life'd in 2020) I would like to use it with something simple that would control play/pause, skip ahead/back, and volume. Mouse movement and left-right click would be a bonus but not 'needed'. I do NOT want keyboard keys. (I have a few bluetooth keyboards and mice already) I also have a Harmony 650, but want something smaller and simpler. What is a good, simple remote with basic media navigation buttons I could buy and use with a Flirc? A 2018 Fire Stick 4K with volume buttons? ($30) A Roku remote? ($18 for the older no-headphone model on Amazon) Older Apple TV remote with D-pad? ($12 on Amazon) Others? Do presentation remotes work as media center remotes? Any good ones of those? Thanks in advance for suggestions!
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