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  1. Understood, thank you yawor. Then I will have to use a different remote.
  2. Hi yawor and thanks for your answer. Is there a way to implement the Denon protocol to the Flirc firmware? Is the firmware public?
  3. my_flirc_log.txtHello, I'm trying to use a Denon RC-1002 remote with Flirc V2, but it keeps doubling the button press. Regardless if I use it on Kodi on an ARM/Android or at my Win PC, pressing "up" on the remote once causes the cursor to jump up twice. Don't have this problem with other remotes. Is this protocol not supported? I'm using GUI v3.20.4 on Win8.1 and Firmware v4.4.2 Edit: Configuration was deleted except for this one button successfully added. Same issue with every other button as well. Attached log contains three short button presses of the same button. Thanks! my_flirc_log.txt my_flirc_config.fcfg
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