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  1. Kahmenah

    QNAP RM-IR004 Remote?

    Anyone had luck with this remote? When trying to program the buttons up, down and volume-up buttons are acting as the same, as well as OK and back , and yellow and green. v1 Flirc 3.2 software 3.9 firmware *Also tried a Time Warner Cable remote with it, works perfect (but too big for my use case). new 004
  2. Kahmenah

    QNAP RM-IR004 Remote?

    Really want this remote to work so got the Flirc Version 2. Still no go. v2 Flirc3.20.4 software4.4.2 firmware Same issue as before. Here's a Device Log showing all 17 buttons pressed in order top to bottom, left to right. my_flirc_log.txt