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  1. Hi there folks, I have been going through the forum vigorously for the past 5 days and haven't found any answers for what I've been looking for. So I signed up and here I am. Please bear with me as I'm new to Flirc (ordered on amazon and patiently waiting) The main reason I got the flirc SE is to have Alexa turn on/off my PC. I had a couple queries: 1) I have a Broadlink RM mini (Alexa compatible) to send IR signals to the Flirc SE. So, what I need to do is program the Flirc and R3 mini with the same remote so that Alexa can be used instead of the remote? Will this work? 2) Can I connect both Flirc and the Flirc SE on the same PC to accomplish different tasks? I'v read you can profile it so that 2 flircs connected to the same system don't get all wonky on you. Is this true? Any response will be very much appreciated! Cheers....
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