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  1. i really dont get how it works for all of you?! i tried it yesterday. the only thing that works with the adapter is that i now can turn on the sunrise box. every other button on the harmony elite doesnt work or is controlling my tv instead of the box!? what did i do wrong? i started the flirc software, loaded the file from the forum and connected the adapter to the box. do i have to specify which hardware id like to control with the harmony elite before??
  2. hi guys! thanks god a forum like this exist. i bought the harmony elite and noticed that it absolutely doesnt work with the sunrise tv box. i then ordered the flirc and it should arrive the next few days. but i already got one question: is it possible to just start the radio and the receiver (without the TV screen) with the flirc? the problem is that i must choose the radio in the sunrise menu, but therefore i need to turn on the tv also to navigate in the sunrise menu... a solutionj would be very welcome! thanks in advance and have a good day guys. hope that logitech gonna fix that soon anyway!!
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