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  1. Just got a new android tv box to find out its remote isn't exactly ir compatible so I can't pair it to my logitech harmony remote as is. I was wondering if I could plug my flirc dongle (1st generation) into the box and make it work somehow? If anyone can help I'll be eternally grateful *Edit* I got the frirc dongle mostly working with my remote by setting the device as flirc and model as kodi in the logitech harmony software, but the back and home buttons don't seem to work. Is there another option I could try to get the buttons to function better?
  2. hi, i was looking to buy an nvidia shield to replace a few gadgets from my living room tv rig and i read that while the nvidia shield has no IR receiver a flirc receiver can be used to make it remote compatible. i was wondering if the old model flirc ould work, or would i need the newer one? Also, i was hoping that someone could post a link to a how-to to get flirc and the nvidia shield to work together, just so i know what im doing when i get my new toy. thanks in advance :)
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