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    best way to power on/off HTPC

    i should mention the harmony 350 can only emulate one device at a time . Mine emulates the MCE keyboard not the FLIRC device
  2. ErickTreetops

    best way to power on/off HTPC

    Hi, Need help turning my pc on and off I have a v2 USB Flirc and a Harmony 350 remote. I'm running the latest version of Kodi on Windows 10. Most of the remote keys are emulating the MCE keyboard. My Harmony remote will only send my tv's on and off command and use seperate buttons for each so i need to use those for the HTPC on an off functions as well. However, I'm not sure which is the best way to put my PC into standby mode or wake it from there. The PC is configured to go into standby mode if it gets the "off" command. Can the "off" command be mapped to a keyboard Command on the Flirc and can also send the stop command to Kodi ? This is to stop the live tv stream being recorded through the pvr on a shutdown command. How can i do this? I'm hoping Kodi will wake up my pc when a recording starts and not go into standby if a recording is in progress. I know there is a wake command on the flirc keyboard, is that the best command to use to bring the pc out of standby ? Other options for shutdown are creating windows shortcut keys to run a batch file which runs the windows shutdown command. Which is the preferred option.? regards Erick '
  3. ErickTreetops

    Harmony 350 keyboard commands

    Hi I've been stuck for a couple of months trying to get the harmony 350 working with the flirc. I've been dealing with Harmony support but we don't seem to be getting anywhere. I've been trying to set the Harmony 350 up for a family member so i want it to act like my 650 which they are already familiar with . I know that there is a Flirc device for the Harmony remotes but i set my devices to be the Microsoft Media keyboard and the TV. This allowed me to have access to the same keyboard commands i use in the 650 e.g. "E" to bring up the epg. I managed to get all the colored keys set up and the Info and Guide keys. All based on keyboard keys. All tested out as working using the Showkey kodi utility. However, no matter what i try i cannot assign the Menu button on the 350 to "M" or the exit button to "ESC" In fact the only commands that will take are E and I which are already used. If i assign anything else i get gibberish out. I've not modified or setup up anything on the Flirc the commands are passing through un changed. Is there a reason why the other keyboard commands are being changed. Since they appear correct in the Harmony setup i'm assuming for some reason that the Flirc is modifying them. Erick
  4. ErickTreetops

    Power on and off for TV and HTPC

    So I'm new to using the Flirc and bought it for my second HTPC build as it had no built in IR receiver. I'm running windows 10 64 bit and have Kodi installed. I'm using a Harmony 250 and the only things that needs to be controlled are a TV and a HTPC. I had some issues with the Harmony and used the Flirc to map some keyboard letters to the harmony coloured keys. However, I ran into issues on how to turn the PC and TV on and off. The pc is setup to always go to sleep and not turn off or hibernate. I mapped the Flirc keyboard "Wake" button to the Harmony 250 Power button and woke the PC but not the TV. Pressing it while everything is on , switches the TV off but leaves the PC on. Any step by step instructions on how to turn the TV off and put the pc into sleep mode and then wake both up ? Can it be done with a single power button on the harmony remote ? One additional question, my other HTPC uses a Harmony 650 and when I power it off I also send the "Stop" command. This jumps Kodi out of live TV and prevents it from buffer recording live TV when it should be powering down. Can something similar be done with the Flirc ? I'm wondering if that might be the reason the PC did not enter sleep as it was still buffer recording live TV Erick