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  1. Hello, I think the default Flirc interkey delay was set to 4. I tried with this value first, then I changed it to 0 then to 7, without success. I'm sorry but I forgot to mention that I've remapped numeric key to shift+[number key] because I have a french layout keyboard. Could this explain my problem ?
  2. Hi, I have a weird problem with Flirc and my Logitech Harmony 350 remote. When I press a numeric key (between 0 and 9), each number could be sent one or more time. I have the following setup : Flirc firmware version 3.9.0 Flirc GUI 3.11.6 Harmony firmware to latest version, set to "Flirc Kodi" device. Interkey delay is set to 350ms, I tried to change it to 500ms without success. Input delay is set to default value (500ms). I also tried 1000ms, without success Minrepeats was set to 1, I change it to 0 without success. Finally, I tried to change Flirc interkey delay, still without success. I switched between 0, 4 and 7. Did I missed something ? How can I make numeric keys to work ? Every other keys are fine. Thanks in advance.
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