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  1. Scott Can you explain you June 12 comment on Flirc and Fire TV. Any remote?
  2. jbzcar Can you tell me how you did this pairing to work with Fire TV, Harmony, and Flirc. Did you use keyboard shortcuts or remote pairing with your other system remotes? I am using Fire TV 2nd gen, with Slingplayer App to run remote tv cable connection. I have been able to get about 60-70% of the buttons on my Harmony to do navigation, numbers buttons, enter/select/ok , directions buttons, and when I program an activity on Harmony it will activate my devices. In my case the devices are FLirc and my TV since I am running in Fire TV to start up. I start the slingplayer app with my direction keys, and enter. Once in Slingplayer app I can use flire IR signals with the Flirc connected to the USB port on the Fire TV box. It receives many of the signals and sends them to my slingbox IR sensor to change channels using number entry etc. Volume and mute are TV functions so flirc does not do those and they are Harmony IR signals. I am having trouble with other commands however, like menu, exit, info, and guide. Only two of those work - menu and info. Can you tell me anything about your setupo and how you did it please? Bob Sutton
  3. Sorry, I left out an important piece. I am loading an app on FireTV to control it. That app is Slingplayer for FireTV. The app does have some shortcut keys but using a usb keyboard only some of them work and some are doing the wrong command action. I am working with Jason on this and Sling Media to resolve my app issues too. I actually got Flirc to learn many things and piled on top of keyboard Jodi and Panasonic tv. I have about 6 features that are not working. The big ones for guide and the mostly. If you have any connection with slingmedia or know of app enhanced updates others have used that be awesome. Thx for your help.
  4. So it is stored on the device without saving. But to restore a saved config we load it and overwrite the one saved on the device. Correct? I can't get that IT debugging message back. Not critical tight now I suppose Thx
  5. In,Harmony, you can add Device:Flirc, Name or model: Media Player. Then use Harmony to add commands and number pad to it. Use the Kodi profile. Add Flirc to your activity as a device. Then sync Remote. You will at least be adding the numbers. Bob
  6. Him Can you explain what works w fire tv? Cursors, enter, what else? Menu comes up?
  7. Did you get all functions working or just some. Does Jodi show your epg? Menu? Etc.
  8. Yawor can we name our file anything we want followed by .fcfg? I looked at my device log and it stated " invalid length" also. Are all flirc setups name "flirc.fcfg" ?
  9. Jason Or if you can call later at 4:00 to4:30 pm your time today?
  10. Hey Jason thanks for finding the time to talk with me. Really frustrated. It is noon here. How about tomorrow around 11-2 your time. I have to go out at 3 pm today, (noon in Santa Clara).
  11. Yawor How does one use the keyboard to add a function onto the remote? It does not have functions on the keyboard. I do not use a computer to navigate my tv. I do not have hid codes produced by my remote and if I did how would I enter them using the keyboard? Confused.
  12. Yawor We are all trying to use a programmable remote to do things mostly. So where does one get the device to teach the universal programmable remote? From our cable or direct tv or some other device. All usually non-programmable. So I teach my cable box to my flirc but it does not learn it all even with using multiple profiles. Using Kodi profile adds some functions but not all. EPG does not work, menu does not work. Channel up and down. etc. So how does one fix this?
  13. ok crbc, thanks. I once thought I had it done too and then set it aside and came back and it was gone. Weird happenings to a stored setup?? thanks anyway.
  14. Hi all Ok so a URC remote will function with flirc and fire tv. I assume that is a USB 2nd gen Fire TV box in order to use the Flirc with it. I taught my URC 2054 to my Flirc and called it URC2054_config.fcfg when I saved the file in Flirc software. I saved the configuration file and loaded it to be sure it was on the flirc. Then I quit the flirc setup program. IS THIS THE CORRECT PROCEDURE? Since you have a config file and can make up several of them how does Flirc store the one you want ? Once you unplug the flirc from the computer and then plug it into the Fire TV box will it be USING that file only. Or does it have a bunch of button presses from everything ever taught to it. I had to use several profiles in Flirc software to get all the buttons. I tried the remote while in fire tv and it does not work. Any help. I am not sure I am doing this right.
  15. feadin What did you do to get it working. I saw something about setting the remote up in the activity but you can only show it as a device not set any buttons in the activity. can you explain?
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