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  1. For now I use the Dreambox TV mode with the universal code 0680. This protocol is accepted when recording with Flirc. (only some problems with long button press) With A2: it would be possible to attach frame 2 or frame 4 to a key in Dreambox mode, then the problem is solved. Thanks again for your response.
  2. Thanks for your quick respose. You did only not responde to my questions?
  3. I'm testing with a gray older DreamBox remote, only the problem is that I get 4 lines. Line 1 and 3 were always the same with all the buttons, 2 and 3 were different. I think that recording only get the first line, and create identical hashes for all the buttons. Question 1: Maybe it is possible to create hash myself and place it in the fcfg, need sample source to do it myself. Question 2: Commandline recording based on a debug line input, then Flirc program could recreate hash. Question 3: Recording based on multi lines Maybe is one off this questions possible, and sorry for my poor English :( 2.0, 3.19.12, 4.4.2
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