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  1. I'm trying to use some of the functions in flirc_util.exe to try to get a list of the HID codes that I've previously programmed, but I'm getting weird outputs that seem to be errors. These were recorded mostly with the command line tool using record_api, in order to record HID keys that the GUI doesn't seem to make available. The keys themselves work just fine, I just want to remember which codes I used so I can switch to a new remote. C:\Program Files (x86)\Flirc>flirc_util.exe keys Recorded Keys: Index hash IK ID key ----- -------- --- -- --- 0 F5F31
  2. I seem to have solved the issue... The Google Play Music extension in Google Chrome tries to run in the background and was stealing the media keys, preventing other music apps from seeing them.
  3. I'm having trouble using the media keys on my Flirc device on Windows 10 (64 bit). Keys MediaPlay, MediaFF, MediaRWD work fine, as well as Vol Up, Vol Down, Vol Mute. However, for some reason the other media keys are showing the wrong keys. Pressing Play/Pause returns KeyCode 179, Stop is 178, Prev Track is 177, and Next Track is 176. These KeyCodes are "valid" media keys for Microsoft keyboards, but don't trigger the actual global media keys that my music apps can recognize. In fact, when I try to force map the keys in the MediaMonkey player, it just calls them all HID Key an
  4. I agree that being able to specify scan codes is very helpful for using Flirc on Android, since there's some mobile specific keys that aren't shown in the Flirc app.
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