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  1. I see, so, basically, Flirc IS a keyboard. That's incredibly awesome, I can't even think of all that endless possibilities it can be used for! Now I was already able to fully integrate it into my HT setup and I'm sure I'll even add bunch of improvements in the future, thanks for the info, yawor.
  2. Hi Jason and thanks. I saw that somehow in docs indeed but just couldn't wrap my head around that. Now I tried to do as you say and I see the limitations are mostly on the Harmony side, because it is activity based, it's not like I could say now send power on command for this DVD player and have Flirc recording that signal, or could I? /edit> Now now, I realized I can! I can assign that function (like power on/off) I need temporarily to a button, press it and record and revert the button to the original function. Wow, that's tricky but should work. Now let's be more Flirc focused. Could you please help me to understand the Full keyboard profile? I mean, it's not that 'full', is it. There is a wake key, never saw one, but it lacks sleep key, present on mostly any kb today. Any other way how to sleep besides cluttering desktop with shortcut with keyboard shortcut assigned? Also, multimedia keys are in standalone profile, does it mean I need to choose if using one or another? Letters or 'Play', 'Next' etc...? /edit2> If I got it right, you're the man himself, Jason. Thanks for the nice gadget and for taking time to hang around the forum too. I understand and appreciate you made the app so easy to use, making it available for wide audience. I was looking for more precise way to configure it, like option to assign specific signal to specific key codes. Not sure about your home platform (glad to see nice Linux support btw) but on Windows Randy's SharpKeys show something similar, mapping keys and key-codes together via registry. Maybe I'm gonna find a way via CLI, checking flirc_util now...
  3. Hi, I just unpacked my new Flirc and Harmony Companion and now I am seriously confused regarding configuration. I set up Harmony for my TV, AV receiver and Playstation easily but now I need to add Flirc-enriched PC and I somehow can't figure out how. I mean, I decided for Flirc because it behaves like keyboard which promises most usability for less typical configs. But I just can't figure out how and where do I set this up, I do not need any profiles or so. What I need most is send 'Space' for waking up, sleep button for Sleeping, all multimedia keys like play, also esc, enter etc...I do not need any predefined profiles like kodi which I am not using, I just want to emulate those keystrokes so I can customize everything. Basically, I am not even sure if I am about to set this up in Harmony or Flirc, but I guess both. I'd appreciate if someone find a minute or two for a quick explanation, thanks.
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