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  1. Jed


    Yea it works fine on OSMC, but not libreelec because it's missing dependancies. I followed the linux generic install for arm as listed here https://flirc.tv/ubuntu-software-installation-guide Pretty sweet to be able to control volume/power from the web and other non IR devices
  2. Jed


    Seems like there's no libreelec binary that I can find. I'm thinking about trying OSMC instead because it says here https://osmc.tv/wiki/general/installing-packages-via-apt/ that it's based on debian, so is it safef to assume that I can run flirc on it? Is there an pi distro running kodi that you can recommend? Thanks again
  3. Jed


    Holy smokes, that's awesome. Thank you Jason. One more question, how do I get a build of flirc_util that can run on libreelec / rasp pi?
  4. I'm trying to use flirc_util to transmit IR commands to my TV. My long term goal is to talk to libreelec/kodi via json rpc, the have kodi call a script, and have that script call flirc_util to send commands to the tv. Anyways, I'm going one step at a time here... I am calling send_ir_raw from my macbook to just test controlling volume on my TV. How do I get the this CSV format of IR codes? I dont see any way to dump learned IR codes in this format using the API. I'm trying to replicate this screenshot format http://cl.flirc.io/lrs8/o TIA
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