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  1. Yes all the key buttons that weren't working like play, pause, stop, codec, have been learned and now work. Not sure what epg is... If it's for cable/live tv, I don't use Kodi for that.
  2. Hi Bob, As I said, I used the Flirc software installed on the PC where my Kodi is installed, and with my Harmony 700, I used the learning function as available in the Flirc software (not the Logitech software/My Harmony). Of course, first I had to set it up on My Harmony, but to resolve the problems with key buttons as explained in my previous post, I used that learning function on the Flirc software.
  3. Hi again, Resolved my problem. What I did was to make my Harmony 700 learn the missing functions with the Flirc software with the Kodi preset. Still weird that it didn't work out of the box, because the other functions were fine.
  4. Hi, New user here. Just bought Flirc on Amazon to use with Kodi on Windows PC with my Harmony 700. For some reason, a few key buttons does not work, namely "play", "pause", "stop" and "codec info". Have any ideas why? When I press the "OK" button in the middle, I get the menu, and I can pause and stop from there, but it would be nice if the real buttons would work. Same for codec info. Thanks for any help you can offer.
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